No bluetooth headphones controls

This is an awesome app. Only issue now is Bluetooth headphone buttons don’t work with my bluetooth buds or Bose QC35s. Bluetooth autoplay works, but h/phones can’t play/pause, or advance track. Plex works fine with both h/phones and QC35s volume buttons work with phone. Anything I can try to fix?
Edit: I also noticed that my car controls don’t work via Bluetooth [play/pause/next track/previousttrack], and the track metatdata won’t display.

As the template says I need logs

Sorry - didn’t think a log would help when something doesn’t work and nothing happens, but here you go: (60.0 KB)

Well template clearly says they are mandatory, and they are of course for when it does not work else there’s no need for them :slight_smile:

Anyway I see the QC connected for 30 seconds max. What did you attempt during this logs?
There’s no event send by your OS, so this is quite strange. Have you enabled the option disable Media Session in the settings ?

Do you have other active audio player too ? The commands are sent to the currently most active player.

30 seconds was long enough - I turned on h/phones, autoplay worked, but play/pause/next/previous didn’t.
You’re right - I had disable Media Session set, and enabling it has fixed the issue :smiley:
Thank you!
It really is a brilliant app.

Thanks and don’t play with the advanced options :stuck_out_tongue: