Navbar and settings buttons stop working after some time

Issue description:

After some time (usually every few days) most of the navbar and settings buttons stop working.
Clicking the buttons will show the Android ripple effect, but nothing else happens.
After installing an update or waiting another few days, the issue always resolved itself. However, force-closing the app and restarting it does not fix the issue.

Conveniently, the settings and advanced settings buttons are not affected, so capturing debug logs still works. Is this on purpose?

Logs: (10.0 KB)


Another video to show the issue more easily:

Additional Information

This issue has existed for several versions, it wasn’t introduced with the last or previous update.

This is because Google says you have no licence.

What’s strange is that you do not have the purchase button visible in the settings to press the restore button.

Do you have multiple accounts on that device and a real Play Store?

Okay, so it’s by design that that the buttons are disabled during the trial?
If yes, it would be good to know that so users can purchase the app.

I do have regular Google Play, only a single Google account.
My phone is rooted and running a custom ROM (Pixel Experience 12).

No it’s not by design, this only occurs in attempt of piracy.

For your state only thing I could think would be that you purchased before the trial ended?

I actually didn’t purchase yet, planning to do that next month when my budget resets :slight_smile:

Well your trial should be expired since a long time and you should not be able to use the app then.

I’ll have to figure out how you managed to be in that state and it will probably be fixed sorry.

Oh, I thought at some point you said the trial would be infinite, but seems like I misunderstood something. I’ll definitely pay my due in that case!