Music is only viewable from the files category, despite working yesterday and resyncing with my server

Issue description:

Ive been using and loving the app for 3 days now, until tonight when it seemed to suddenly lose place of all my albums, artists and songs. I can use other apps to access my content fine, but the only way to view it within symphonium is the files option. I included a log file with me attempting to resync to my server, please let me know what else you might need to diagnose, thanks in advance.


debug-20230308_022711 (1).zip (524 Bytes)

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Additional information:

The log is empty you need to reproduce the issue.

You probably just have enabled a filter. (534.6 KB)

Hopefully the log is now populated, sorry I messed up. I also included a screenshot of current filters.

Hum same issue as another one

n3.c: Expected an int but was 4400678542 at path $[0].discNumber

Invalid value returned.

@deluan where there recent changes around those values ?

@Lucky0wl seems there’s strange tags for an album that Navidrome have issues parsing and return invalid data.

Next release of Symfonium will have workaround for those, but you can fix your tags then it will work here too. (Uncheck the compatibility mode it’s too slow for Navidrome and useless)

  "album": {
      "id": "8f06cc65c619ff6b029297edb3168f8f",
      "name": "Faceless",
      "artist": "Godsmack",
      "artistId": "37546e71f573e17c751bef0685ebde6d",
      "coverArt": "al-8f06cc65c619ff6b029297edb3168f8f_640818ec",
      "songCount": 12,
      "duration": 2842,
      "created": "2023-03-08T05:05:06.041037788Z",
      "year": 2003,
      "genre": "Rock",
      "song": [
          "id": "988c5dc7156f568ed0c2c519fa96274a",
          "parent": "8f06cc65c619ff6b029297edb3168f8f",
          "isDir": false,
          "title": "Straight out of Line",
          "album": "Faceless",
          "artist": "Godsmack",
          "track": 1,
          "year": 2003,
          "genre": "Rock",
          "coverArt": "mf-988c5dc7156f568ed0c2c519fa96274a_64081778",
          "size": 32928585,
          "contentType": "audio/flac",
          "suffix": "flac",
          "transcodedContentType": "audio/ogg",
          "transcodedSuffix": "opus",
          "duration": 259,
          "bitRate": 1013,
          "path": "Godsmack/Faceless/01 - Straight out of Line.flac",
          "discNumber": 4400678542,
          "created": "2023-03-08T05:05:06.041037788Z",
          "albumId": "8f06cc65c619ff6b029297edb3168f8f",
          "artistId": "37546e71f573e17c751bef0685ebde6d",
          "type": "music",
          "isVideo": false

No changes that could affect this, AFAICT.

I’m using Golang’s int for XSD int fields, but in some architectures int can be 64bits. So I’ll change to be fully compliant with the XSD, by using int32 in these cases.

But this won’t fix the root cause of the issue. It would be helpful if I could get a sample file that is causing this. @Lucky0wl, can you please open an issue with Navidrome and attach the file that is causing this issue?


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I had this issue a few days ago and ended up clearing data and resyncing my entire library after not being able to figure out what was going on, my content is on Jellyfin.

Completely unrelated. Next time open an issue.

Hey @Lucky0wl can you send the problematic file (Godsmack/Faceless/01 - Straight out of Line.flac) to me? Looks like this was caused by a bug in TagLib, and I’d like to confirm that.