Missing songs on Jellyfin 10.9 Nightly

Issue description:

Most albums are missing a few songs since updating to a nightly build of Jellyfin 10.9.
They show up and play fine on Jellyfin’s own web client and in other clients like Finamp.
Thanks in advance.


debug-20230525_162755.zip (1.1 MB)


Additional information:

  • Jellyfin 10.9 20230525.11-unstable
  • motorola edge 30 pro, Android 13
  • Symfonium 5.3.1
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Well one more thing they break … I really regret adding support for Jellyfin…

They have broken their API …

The TotalRecordCount no more returns the total record count but the limit requested, making pagination broken …

Posted on their Github Fix playlists library and migration by Shadowghost · Pull Request #9770 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub in the breaking commit.
Unfortunately for some there I’m pure evil because I dare to have a paid application that is not open source so not sure they’ll react until someone else complains.

[Issue]: Pagination missing on unstable 10.9 · Issue #9809 · jellyfin/jellyfin · GitHub maybe as it seems to touch their web ui too.

I do not have a possible workaround so you’ll need to rollback or hope they fix.

Seems there’s already an open pull request to fix this


seems its fixed and approved :slight_smile:

@Tolriq i am really sorry they feel that way about this app.
please continue to support jellyfin as long as they dont break any api.

Not all of them, some were happy when their project started that Yatse put some light on it. But some new comers are well specials and not happy about Yatse at all ignoring the past so well :slight_smile:

I have no plans to drop support, but if they finally a complete new API that does not fit this app and drop the previous one, there’s no guarantee I’ll support it.

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are they building a new api? is that not compatible with symfonium?

please give some details about this.

They where supposed to build a v2 api for their v11, I was supposed to take part of that on the early discussion, then well the new comers and everything so I have no idea where they are at and what are their plans.