Making the song action menu consistent

Feature description:

Basically as it stands right now, there are 3 different menus for clicking on the three dots (song action menu) that appear in different places of the app.

One large list appears when clicking a song in album view.
A smaller list missing several options appears when clicking a song in playlist view.
Another one appears in queue view.

Problem solved:

I would like that at least the list that appears in playlist view has all of the options which appears in the album view.

Brought benefits:

You will know what you can expect to find whenever clicking the action menu for a song.

You wont have to jump through hoops to reach a place in the ui where one can access all of the options.

Additional description and context:

Images showing the different menus

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Because all of them represent different kind of actual media, remember that Symfonium is multi provider offline first.

What more function do you expect from the playlist action menu? Playlist entries could contains many things not in the library when using file mode for example.

These are the ones that I often feel are missing. (Except maybe instant mix but it would still be convenient)