Make text on song details card selectable

Feature description:

If I display the details to a song (three dots → details), none of the text shown in the details window/card can be selected and thus not copied. I sometimes have URLs embedded in the comment tag which lead to the origin of a track (e.g. YouTube video). I would like to be able to copy those URLs to the browser.

Problem solved:

Be able to copy data from the tags.

Brought benefits:

Others might have also information in the tags they want to copy. Copying the file path could be relevant for debug or other purposes. All in all it might be a corner case, but my hope would be that it is not too hard to enable selectable text here

Other application solutions:


Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:

Make some or all of this text selectable by long pressing it. Alternatively, the contents of a tag could be copied to clipboard when long pressed.