Is it possible to prove you have bought a license before, and use it on a family link account

Hi, I recently ditched my regular cellphone for a dumbed down one, so I could focus on studying

While making the transfer, I decided to lock myself down even more, using family link.

The problem is that now my phone is locked with an account that doesn’t have the symfonium license, and that I can’t seem to temporarily log in with my regular email, to authenticate symfonium with.

I realize that this is a complicated topic, due to how the hell does one verify that I’m not trying to just get a friend or family member a license or something.

But I also don’t want to buy 2 symfonium and 2 plex licenses for a temporary phone, so it doesn’t hurt to ask

Thanks in advance

This is not possible, the license are managed by Google not much I can do.

The other solution I propose based on paypal is all manual and very time consuming for the moment. So I do not offer migration from one to the other.

Ic, for now I’ll just using plex’es web client for now then

If I notice I’ll be stuck with this phone for longer I’ll look into getting another license or something