Indication of the library in song details

Feature description:

Add a field in song details that indicates which library the song is apart of.
Either that or that the path of the file includes the library.

like this :

The second option would be better imo as it doesn’t add an additional field in the song details.

Problem solved:

I sometimes ask myself which library the song is apart of.

Brought benefits:

Knowledge of the library from song details.

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Screenshots / Mockup:


Did you try clicking on the three dots beside a song, click “details” and then see the file path? Isn’t that what you want? Also works in the Now Playing screen.

Yes, I was talking about the “details” page, it shows the file path but not the library if you have libraries setup.
Or maybe it is my server that is showing the path not including the library?

Here is an exemple :

The full path on the server filesystem is :


On my server I have setup the folder /library_one as the first library.

So in symfonium in “path” in the details page I only have :


What provider do you use?

Citation[quote=“Tolriq, post:4, topic:3984, full:true”]
What provider do you use?

I use ampache

Then it’s more a question for @lachlan-00 about why the path returned from the API are not the complete ones.

it looks like it only returns a relative path when the file output is transcoded.

I can’t tell you why that is… it seems kind of dumb to do it that way.

the $file_path is also truncated so it’s all of them. i’ll remove that cause i don’t see why you would want that

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