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Emby server shows the correct play counts while Symfonium seems to have reset them. Playlists such as “Most Played” only show songs played in the last couple of days. Not sure if this started happening after latest Emby server update last week or after a Symfonium app update.


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I need logs containing a full sync.

sent full sync log with the same username.

Please tell me also what songs have proper playcount in Emby ?

From the logs Emby just send 0 playcounts in the API.

All song play counts in Emby appear to be correct and all play counts in Symfonium are incorrect. I suspect the issue started after upgrading the server to last week.

As I said I need actual data you see from Emby to be able to find what it send in the API :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I follow? Included a screen shot of top played songs with play count. I don’t believe there is an easy way export all songs with play count in Emby.

This is what I needed some actual data so I can match in the logs.

      "Name": "Kid Charlemagne",
      "ServerId": "179e3203bae54e089c5709fee2972cda",
      "Id": "133715",
      "DateCreated": "2021-05-22T01:30:58.0000000Z",
      "Container": "flac",
      "SortName": "Kid Charlemagne",
      "UserData": {
        "PlaybackPositionTicks": 0,
        "PlayCount": 0,
        "IsFavorite": true,
        "Played": true

Emby says that song “Kid Charlemagne” is played with 0 playcount …

Bug in their API will try to report to them.

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