Images Not Caching

Issue description:

  • Today after doing a image cache purge images are no longer being downloaded from my Navidrome instance. Even with the “Automatic Image Cache” option being enabled



Additional information:

Symfonium 4.0.0B2
Navidrome v0.49.0

Yes this is a Navidrome change.

Error downloading image: timeout

Now it will try to get the images from external providers and might fail.

Ping @deluan

Not really. If it fails getting images from external providers it try the next option in the CoverArtPriority configuration. If it is the last option, it returns a placeholder. See Artwork resolution | Navidrome

@jaxz , as the linked issue suggests, try to delete Navidrome’s cache and restart the server.

Yes I forgot to reply an hour ago, but clearing the cache on the server did work :+1:

Yes it tries the next but some apps have small timeouts so when it will fetch from external source it can timeout too. I’m like at 5 seconds for first byte for images to avoid endless stuck.

Anyway I guess the workaround will do for the moment, let’s hope people see those 2 threads before complaining.