How to use Symfonium on multiple degoogled devices?

i’m testing the app since a few days (on my fairphone) and i really like it.
i’ve seen that there are already some threads discussing the googleless activation.
If i understood everything correctly, the actual solution is paying via ko-fi/paypal and then i’ll get an unlimited trial period. The problem: i want to use the app on 3 different devices (company/private phone and my tablet).
But this would mean three different trialsIDs…so, do i have also to pay three times, or is there in the meantime another (more comfortable) way?
hoping for a positive answer and best regards

There’s no more comfortable ways until Google is forced to. This start to move in EU and India but it’s far from done.

I usually allows 2 device for the default donation price, because the main issue is that I have to manually maintain this until I’m dead :slight_smile: Meaning for 3 phones you’ll probably change them quite a few times and expect the license to be migrated. That’s a lot of burden on my side too.

So if you donate a little more than the base ask I can enable 3 trialID, but I really hope you do not change devices every 2 months.