How does sync "Work"

No file attached :frowning:
You can enable the media count in the settings then go to the song part to see how many songs are present.

For Emby, it requires full sync as I have no way to easily detect if there’s new genre or artists that would be missing.

Ah, I have selected the media count and my phone shows 238,146 songs, Emby says 209,394 so not sure where the extra 20K songs have come from? :rofl:

Maybe I will consider splitting my libraries?

Maybe you added multiple providers and it shows also the local device songs.

Nope, just remembered audiobooks are excluded from symfoniun :grin:

Hi, car will not sync, rernivedand readded emby, can see libraries in exclude section logs sent thank you

Don’t know how you do but there’s no logs attached in that mail too. They are maybe too big for gmail.

Just received new one and the sync is running it’s currently at 150 000 songs done.

Hi, sorry was driving. Yes log was too big (over 25GB) so cleared and resent. When I clicked sync it just took me back to the media providers screen, no animation or indication it was doing anything?

I’ve relinked earlier how to see the sync is running and how to start it easily, let’s do it a third time :stuck_out_tongue:

First paragraph.

Hi mate, sorry, I did read that but in my case it was syncing but gave no indication that it was doing anything? I remember the 1st time I synced I got the spinning circle when I pressed sync unless I imagined it? (not impossible)

You said that it bring you to media provider screen so that’s option 2 that one does not show anything.

Only the filter menu have the animation. And the filter menu glow too during sync.

OK, gotcha! Thank you :slight_smile:

FYI the notification emails of your replies are not coming through (they did when I first started) and yes I have checked my junk :slight_smile: