How does sync "Work"


Firstly, thanks again for fixing the 10.25" Android screen ratio, I have just come back from a longish drive and looks great!

My question is how does the sync actually work? Emby to be precise in my instance. I have noticed a ton of albums have zero tracks and some albums as little as one or two. Does Symfonium actively sync or is it a manual operation?

I synced originally about 2 weeks ago.

Many thanks!

Sync is automatic as long as there’s something Symfonium can detect like a change of media count.

You can force sync at any moment see below.

Of course be sure that you have not enabled some filters like favorites only

Or some library filters or only offline filter with your data belonging to multiple libraries

Else please provide logs when forcing a sync (and debug mode enabled) and give details about what is missing where.

What a reply! Thank you bud, I will go out to the car and have a play tomorrrow! :slight_smile: :smiley:

BTW by default Symfonium remove empty albums, so it’s probably some filter active.

Thank you, I will find out later :slight_smile:

Hi! Very hard to type on my car screen but I have sent you some logs as all my albums are missing some/all tracks. I tried resync and nothing happens when I press the button.

Please let me know if you need more info

Many thanks!

Unfortunately there’s no attachements to the email :frowning:


I have just run out to the car and sent them again… fingers crossed!

Got them, will look into that later.

Can you just give details about what songs are missing from what album so I can find in those logs?

Ah, perfect!

Well, all albums I have looked at have zero or 1 track in them but for something specific the album 38 special by 38 special is empty but on emby it is not :slight_smile:

Ok so from the logs the last successful sync synced 25 999 songs but your library is 209 350 and the sync seems quite slow don’t know the kind of connection on your car or on your Emby server.

At the speed from those logs a full sync is like 30 minutes, will be hard to have fast enough connection to sync all that without powering off your car before.

TL;DR your collection is huge and it never finished I do not see any other error / filters in the logs :frowning:

Ah ok,

so the sync would have to complete fully in one go before it would be able to update? The wifi is 4G/5G or local connection to my network.

1, Once fully synced would the subsequent additional music files be quick?
2, it is not possible to continue syncing once in the car?
3, is there a way of seeing sync progress?

Thanks so much for looking and sorry for the questions!

  1. Not for now the Emby ABI is not differential sync friendly
  2. Yes sync keeps going as long as the app is not killed. From the logs it was killed during the sync. I suppose that stopping the car shutdown directly the Android device.
  3. On the filter menu there’s an animation to show that sync is running (See previous post with links)

1, is that something that can be made friendly your end or Emby end?
2, understand, yes that is when the car switches off
3, when I click update on Emby in “Manage Media Properties” nothing happens? there is no animation? spinning wheel or anything? It is the same on my phone, but if I go into Emby and then press update I get the spinning wheel.

  1. Not really I need to check again how Emby / Jellyfin API are diverving in case there’s improvmements.
  2. 1st [Wiki] Sync media provider data


I would prefer not to but would consider storing my music in two locations for better syncing, what is best to work with for Symfonium as I am not moving players.

Many thanks

I’m sorry but I do not understand the question.

Sorry, I did not explain myself very well.

Symfonium syncs with many media providers, is there a “best” “fastest” if I were to consider duplicating my library to another media provider?

The only one that properly have everything is Kodi including very fast sync but no transcoding and not really secured for external access.

Usually very large collections are split into multiple libraries and some are excluded from the sync. 210K songs frequently updated is not a very common case :frowning:

OK, I understand, I have just sent you a log from my phone, it only took 20 mins to sync are you able to tell me if all tracks are synced ok please?

If I add some albums will Symfonium have to sync my entire library or just the new stuff?

Again, many thanks