High quality Images are not lossless

Issue description:

I have the setting “High quality Images” enabled, but it has a slightly worse quality than the original embedded cover art.
This is something that I noticed right away, but I was thinking that it was related to a server setting.
I tried with the file in local, same result.
Below is a comparison with another music app (you got to open in full screen to see the difference) :

Additional info:

Both apps are playing the same local file
Cover art is embedded, 1500x1500, 507KB


Provide the mandatory logs ?

Provide the file to repro. Provide the name of the other app to compare.

Here :
debug-20231213_223019.zip (6,3 Ko)

The other app is Poweramp (there is a setting to display the cover art with no borders)

Hum I can’t reproduce, do you have enabled something special in poweramp like 24b RGB?

Have you cleared the image cache after enabling the hi res option and restarted the app to clear the memory cache too?

I did some testing and the settings that affect the quality of the cover art are :

  • Use 24-bit RGB : On
  • Increase Resolution : On
  • (Skin layout “full cover” to move the buttons below the cover art)

The setting that display the cover art with no borders is from a third party skin “Luminous Black” but it’s paid. I don’t think you can do that with the default skin

And yes I did clear the image cache after enabling the Hi Res option and restarded Symfonium.

Ok so was able to reproduce on another device, there was some rounding issue in some case leading to cached image being resized smaller than wanted.

Should be fixed in next release.


Thanks a lot!