Filter by what's not off-lined/cached

Feature description:

There is the option to filter what’s been off-lined, but nothing to filter what isn’t off-lined.

Problem solved:

Just an extra filter feature

Brought benefits:

Good filtering

Other application solutions:



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What is the actual need to have a global filter for that?

You can use smart filters in lists for this. I don’t see any use case for a global one.

Hi @Tolriq

Thank you for your prompt reply

A couple of us have looked into this and couldn’t see a filter group that would suit this need under smart filter. Which one would we use?

The request was from a friend who is currently using Symfonium whilst on holiday in the USA.

He can see his whole library, he can see what is currently off-lined but would like to see what isn’t off-lined separately.

Is there an option for a UI tweak to have an icon on the albums thumbnail in the libraries album view?

Many thanks

Hum I was persuaded that the smart filter was there but seems not :). Will add.

There’s already a different request for the album indicator.