Feature request: virtualized track list

Feature description:

It looks like tracks are loaded sequentially. I have lots of tracks and scrolling down the list results in a long delay before the placeholders are replaced with real data.

Problem solved:

Scrolling down a list of 50k tracks shows a noticeable delay before the track info loads.

Brought benefits:

This would make the song list usable for users with large libraries.

Other application solutions:

As far as I’m aware, other applications solve this either by not having a full track list view or by loading tracks only as they scroll into view.

Well the tracks are loaded as you scroll into view :slight_smile: And you can not use or hide the song list.

Symfonium is way more complicated application than the others. When you start using smart filters, the data just can’t be windowed.

I would like to be able to use the song list. Are there any optimizations that could be done to improve this?

Everything is already ultra optimized, provide logs to see the queries durations.

Here’s a short video of the behavior along with logs

Video: Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage
Logs: Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage

Ok so your phone is really slow on the queries so there won’t be magic the further on the list you scroll the slower the query will be.

But thanks for the logs, seems during a refactor jumping was disabled so effectively all pages were loaded even when moving to far away from previous point. Will be fixed.

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