Explicit offline mode for poor connections, display cached media only and retain metadata image cache


First the app is amazing and the best interface I’ve ever found to play Plex.

Now, my request is that I’m a frequent NYC subway user and I’d love to have an offline mode that displays only albums/songs that are locally cached to my phone and could flip between modes fairly easily.

Right now I am using two different media apps because it’s too hard to tell what is and isn’t cached.

Relatedly, it seems like the app is deciding too quickly that metadata images are stale (or maybe restricting size) but often I open the app with a poor connection and have no images for albums/artists till I reconnect to the internet.

Thank you!

It’s already here

For the image issue I’ll need logs and a proper issue, you can also automatically cache all images on sync to avoid issues (edit host and check the option)

Well, I’m an idiot. Used those two to fix the issue.

Will see if I can recreate images issue with proper log this weekend