EQ profile is not always loaded properly

Issue description:

I sometimes have the issue that the EQ profile is not loaded automatically. I rhink I saw that with both cabled headphones and bluetooth devices. The sequence of events is always (?) the following:

  1. Connect headphone or bluetooth device while on Android homescreen or in other app.
  2. Open Symfonium.
  3. Start playing.

To have the profile loaded, I can either disconnect and reconnect the headphone/bluetooth device, or quit Symfonium and open it again.


Sent via email.
20221212_014015 - here I disconnect/reconnect.
20221216_063927 - here I stop and restart Symfonium.

As the issue is not predictable, I do not have the initial app or playback start in the log. I only started logs when I saw in the NP screen that the EQ profile was not loaded.

I managed to capture another one, this time including the initial play command where the profile is not loaded. Swiping Symfonium away did not help here, I had to reconnect the bluetooth device.

Ok so for once in it’s life your device is too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be fixed in next release.

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