Embedded lyrics not shown when offline

Issue description:

In summary, embedded lyrics are showing when I am online but not when I am offline.

I am running a Jellyfin server to server mp3 files with embedded, unsynchronised lyrics. To reproduce the issue:

  1. Add tags using MusicBrainz Picard and add lyrics using MediaHuman Lyrics Finder. Confirmed that the lyrics are in the correct lyrics tag using MusicBrainz again.
  2. Sync the library on jellyfin.
  3. Delete any cached files on Symfonium and rebuild the cache.
  4. Go online and play a file with embedded lyrics, the lyrics button shows up and lyrics are displayed.
  5. Go offline and play the same file, the lyrics button does not show up.


debug.log (192.7 KB)
In the debug logs, I started online and played 30 secs of a file with the lyrics showing. Then I enabled airplane mode and played the same song for 30 seconds. No lyrics button showed up. Finally, I disabled airplane mode and played the song again for 30 seconds with lyrics.


Apologies for the imgur links, new users are only allowed one embedded media item or two links per post.
The left screenshot is my screen when online. Note the wifi connected icon and the lyrics button.
The right screenshot is my screen when offline. Note the airplane mode icon and no lyrics button.

Additional information:


The lyrics are in a field

VC: lyrics-XXX=[Verse 1]

This is invalid but well :slight_smile: Since Jellyfin seems to recognize it I suppose I should try to support that too.

Please upload the media with those bad tags so I can look into it.

Thanks, I changed the file extension from mp3 to mp4 so that it would upload.

You can also just zip :wink:

Anyway this file is not the same it have the proper USLT tag works correctly.

Haha somehow I didn’t think of that. The previous upload was grabbed from my server’s file system.

Bad.zip (4.0 MB)

This one was downloaded via the app so it should be the same as what the app sees.

Ok so yes it’s the same and it will work with my change.

But why would Jellyfin transcode this media when offline caching … It increases size and change tags to something worse …

It’s really worse and worse for music …

I really wish Jellyfin was better at managing music. I have symfonium set to transcode to 96kbps, I don’t know if that changes things. I definitely shouldn’t change the tags.

I don’t know if this helps you, but I rebuilt the cache with the maximum bitrate set to original and the lyrics work as expected. Before, I had the maximum bitrate set to 96 kbps. I think most of the original files were 64 kbps, I don’t know why I had it like that. But they work fine now.

This is fixed in 5.3 to workaround that Jellyfin bug …
They should not transcode in that case, they should not mess with the tags but well just one more bug to handle.