Duplicate playlists on import all

Issue description:

I used the ‘import all’ playlist button to sync new playlists from my server. Instead of only syncing new playlists, duplicate playlists started being created. This is particularly painful because the duplicates are hard to clean up.


debug-20231009_223513.zip (123 KB)

Well this is because you asked me to support empty name playlists and duplicated name playlist.

If the server expose the playlist id then it’s what is used to match playlists. (Your server does).

So ensure that the playlists have constant IDs on your server.

I see, so it may be that I have a stale sync of playlists from before I added IDs. That makes sense. Thank you.

I double checked and the IDs should have been present for both syncs. They’re also stable. Is it possible the created or modified fields would cause this behavior? I did add those more recently.

The modified is what makes the playlist auto sync. Import with skip only take the id in account.

You do enable the skip duplicate?

Aw, I think I forgot to do that. I always think that’s for skipping duplicate songs in the lists. Sorry, my bad. Thanks for being patient :slight_smile: