Download error on album or artist export

Issue description:

When trying to export an album or an artist to the downloads folder only the message “download error!” is displayed. Exporting single files or multiple files via multi select works fine, however.


Upload description: OcraCore-DownloadError

Additional information:



Reproduction steps:

Any album/artist go to the offline cache and downloads section and try to download the full album or artist

Media provider:





The logs does not seems to contains a reproduction of the error.

Did you try to download and saw the error while logs where on?

Yes, I did. And I also looked through the logs myself and couldn’t find anything either.

Furthermore I replicated the error multiple times (always also creating logs for the events) and have not once seen something related to this error in the logs.

But I can also create new logs, this time aggressively causing the error multiple times before stopping the logging. I will upload them under OcraCore-DownloadError-2 in a few minutes

It is now uploaded. I think I reproduced the error 5 times in these logs.

OK so this is a special case the files are already cached locally and you export, you do not directly export from server.

I can repro will fix.

Awesome! Thank you for your great work