Does gonic connection require Very Slow Sync enabled?

There’s no logs to post, the app works with gonic if I enable Very Slow Sync in Library Provider settings. The search for “gonic” only returns Symphonium 1.6.0 release notes, which mention some fixes for gonic, but nothing concrete.

Just wondering if the Very Slow Sync option is required for connecting to gonic, and if so, apart form the slow initial sync, does it cause slowdown anywhere else ?

Symphonium version 1.11.0
gonic version v0.14.0

Thanks for any info!

Unfortunately Sentriz did not release a new official version with the fix.

You should use a nightly build if possible to avoid using the option.

And no the only drawback is the sync times (not only initial but each time it sync it will be slow, there’s no differential sync possible with Subsonic APIs)

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll see if there’s a nightly gonic docker image, if not I can live with the slow sync. Recent convert from Ultrasonic here which started randomly stopping playback after 1 song so still just setting stuff up

If for whatever reason Gonic does not work for you, my current recommendation for Subsonic servers would be Navidrome.

hi, gonic author here, to mirror what I said in a github issue

a release should be coming soon

release is tracked here

and will be released after these are closed

it is also possible for someone to install from master, or use the docker :nightly tag

eg sentriz/gonic:nightly


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Thanks @sentriz I just added :nightly to my docker-compose.yml rebuilt the stack, disabled the option in Symphonium, tried to Sync and “it just works”.

I’ll track the release on github so I know when to switch back.

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I like issue where I have nothing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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