Display headphone profile being used on the "now playing" screen

Although the profile is selected automatically, it would be reassuring to see it shown on the now playing screen as that information is buried quite deeply in the menus.

You should also hear the profile being activated :slight_smile:

Anyway there’s already some space issues on the now playing, specially when the users want to enable media codecs or the rating bar.

I honestly don’t know how I could display this in a nice way in all the different now playing screens.

Edit: All I can think of now would be to add a subtitle with the profile name in the 3 dots menu under the line for DSP. That’s one less click.

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What about mimicing in part what Poweramp does on the bottom? You can press it and it will show different info – output codec, file codec, queue position, file address, etc… It also responds to a long press.

Hum it could work, not sure how to make it easily discoverable, but artist and album are clickable without indicators too.

Looking good so far, I recommend just not showing anything that is dlabled/null value

There should never be null displayed please provider details for this case.

I must always show them because the user needs to be able to click on them to select the next one, and skipping dynamic values would force the user to click again to see the data when it’s available later. (No DSP when casting, some media can’t have their metadata extracted)

There were no actual null values but I should have said ‘empty’ as it relates to the DSP. I would consider striking the album+artist from the next up at least when playback is initiated from album view, if possible.