Display date in Now Playing screen

Feature description:

I’d like to be able to display the track’s release date metadata in the Now Playing screen.

Brought benefits:

This is basic, essential information about what you are listening to.
I’m surprised this feature is not implemented in most of the music players I tried.


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One might argue that the year is not all that essential to a specific song but is for its album…

By release date I actually mean original release date. You surely know that a song can mainly be first released:

  • as part of an album
  • as a single (before or after the album)
  • as part of a compilation (in which there can be as many different dates as songs)

Playlists are another similar case…

What matters to me is to display this date in the now playing screen. And I haven’t found a way to do so regardless of the type of date.

Well this is far from essential information that needs to be always visible :slight_smile:

You can easily get the info when you want by clicking the 3 dots then details.

I’ve added the date as an additional possible value for the info row (so one of the possible display for the row that currently display the codec on your screen). Pretty sure you won’t like it and say but codec are essential :stuck_out_tongue: But there’s no room for 50 lines here it’s the best I can offer.

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Thanks Tolriq, I was expecting your solution, you little rascal. Not my favorite one but totally satisfactory anyway :+1:
The additional information row is definitely a good way to allow user customization without compromising general display.

Merci chef, et bonne journée !
Ça fait plaisir de payer une appli pour un développeur inspiré, ouvert et réactif.

Thanks a lot!
I prefer seeing the year to seeing the codec. So very nice solution to the problem.