"Current downloads" leads to app crash on huge library download

Issue description:

I am downloading my whole library to the offline cache. When I visit the “current downloads” page, the page is initially empty for a couple of seconds, then shows some downloads, but then freezes and the whole app crashes repeatedly.


Sent via email: 20220322_134752

Btw., the list of the 15 featured songs on every overview (genre or artist) constantly reorganises itself during cache download, making the app less responsive on those pages.

Logs have not much about the crash so probably too much data will limit the visible part.

Will look into the refresh issue.

Another thing I noticed: there are small notification icons on the standby screen of the smartphone (Samsung Always On Display), e.g. for received emails, but also for Symfonium during the cache download. This icon is constantly appearing and disappearing during the download - maybe a new notification is spawned for each download? This is not really critical, but during my long-time cache download (I guess all in all it will take 24 hours) there is constant movement on the smartphone.

Edit: the notification icon only appears when something is playing in Symfonium.

Yes Samsung have known issues with notifications, since they are tied to a media session they should not even be visible, and in call there’s no recreation of notification ID is constant.