Click on download manager notification does not jump to download manager

Issue description:

Not sure if this is intended, but when a download for the offline cache is running and I click on the corresponding notification, Symfonium opens the start page, while I would expect to jump to the download manager directly.


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On all my devices it works, thanks Samsung will try to see if I can find something.

I am not sure if it worked before. The same thing works in Yatse though.

Not comparable :slight_smile:

May I suggest you hibernate for a couple of month ? :slight_smile:

I thought so.

Well, you could pay me to keep the bug findings under lock and key :money_mouth_face: Or you can relate me to someone else’s app which is as feature-rich as yours. But that will be hard, as I made you implement all the features I wanted from all the different apps I used before :wink:

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