Choose Album local thumbnail from songs (pick an individual one rather than a collage)

Feature description:

When changing an album’s ‘Local Thumbnail’, add an option to choose one piece of artwork from the songs, rather than a tiled collage as is generated by choosing ‘Generate from songs’ currently.

An alternative would be to always take the default album art from the first track, as this will always have the art of the main album artwork, but I recognise it is perhaps a relatively niche usecase for me here.

Thank you for your time, I realise I am submitting a few requests tonight - I’m working out how to make the switch full time to Symfonium! I will happily donate in addition to buying the license if I can make this application work for me. I really appreciate your thorough and frequent work in a landscape of frustrating Android music players!

Problem solved:

I tend to tag my songs with their individual release artwork, and so if I have attached some bonus songs to the end of an appropriate album, sometimes they have different embedded artwork to the main album’s songs. I’m not sure exactly how the app decides which artwork to use as the overall choice, but sometimes it is from one of the few songs that have different artwork, and I would like to rectify this so that the album looks as expected.

Brought benefits:

Albums will look as expected, even if a couple of bonus/deluxe songs have different artwork.

Other application solutions:

Musicbee - by default it uses the artwork of the first track.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


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