Chaning double and triple click skip 30s does not work for me

I’ve changed the Playback settings options for the double and triple click to be skip forward and backward 30 seconds. However I still get just the regular skip track behaviour so it does not seem to work. Any tips for making this work? It is just broken?
Using Samsung Note 10+ with Galaxy buds.
This was a big reason why I went looking for another app over PlexAmp and I was very pleased to see the options. But now disappointed because it does not seem to work for me.

As the template you deleted says I need logs [Wiki] How to gather logs to see what Samsung broke.

For the record about your Play Store comment you can filter by library and much more

@PassTheSauce no logs no chocolate.

Ok so logs received and Samsung as always does not respect things and directly do the multiple click handling and send the final command.

I’ll add new options to remap also the direct commands to workaround this.