Changing the order of playback options in the album view

Is there a way/would it be interesting to change the order of playback options in album view (after having tapped on an album)?

When I want to add an album to my “up next” list, the buttons are in this order:
play - random play - play next - play last - mix

Since I never use some of these options I would like to have them as last options.

For example, it would be helpful for me to be able to change this to:
play - play next - play last - …

Additionally: How about using just symbols instead of symbol + text?
Alternatively: Having possibility for play next/play last in the three dot menu which can be seen on the album cover and hiding the buttons.

Well I’m sorry but I can’t add option down to that level, we are just talking about button that you can just ignore.
Only thing would be that you are using like German device and the translations are too long and there’s work to be done there eventually.

Symbols are not clear enough for most users. For the record you can enable the play next as an option for the drag and drop and gain time too.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with my transl… wait, maybe there is:

Well, German is an elaborate language! :sweat: I will look into it.

If necessary I can split the labels to differentiate those buttons from the menu texts to allow maybe some abbreviations?

You are reading my mind, I was about to ask that!

Wow, thank you so much for the quick responses.

I have very little experience in app development, but would still like to try and contribute a bit.
Maybe these suggestions for german translation could help:

Abspielen - Shuffle (should be an understandable anglicism) - Als nächstes - Ans Ende - Mix/Pers. Mix
(To shorten even more: indicative for “Abspielen” → “Spiele”)

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I’ll split the labels today, don’t update too much things before to still have the menu labels clear.

Ok so added new labels : button.xxxx that correspond to those buttons and can be abbreviated if needed.

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I already added the translations and took proposals by @saeschmo into account.

Sometimes it looks like you start translating before the upload is actually finished :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I can read your mind, too :crazy_face:

Impossible even me I can’t understand what’s in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

The situation has definitely improved. Thanks for the proposals, @saeschmo.


Old tranlsation:

New translation:

Proud to be a part of it!