Certains artistes n'apparaissent pas

Bonjour !
j’écris en français, mais je peux le faire en anglais…

J’utilise Jellyfin comme serveur de musiques.
J’ai découvert Symfonium depuis peu et l’utilise comme client android pour me connecter au serveur Jellyfin.

J’ai créé un “artiste d’album” qui s’appelle “Compilations” ( il y a donc un dossier “Compilations”) dans lequel je regroupe toutes les compilations.
Cela ne pose pas de problème avec le client Jellyfin qui voit l’artiste “Compilations” et en liste tout les albums quand je le sélectionne.

Mais Symfonium ne m’affiche pas cet artiste “Compilations” !!
Si je fais une recherche sur le mot “Compilations”, Symfonium me liste les albums de cet artiste, mais pas l’artiste !
Et il n’est toujours pas visible ailleurs !

Pareil avec l’artiste “Classique” qui regroupe les albums de musiques classiques : il n’apparait pas !
Pareil avec “Christophe Izard” !

Je ne comprends pas pourquoi …

Always English and missing the mandatory logs so I can see the data Jellyfin returns.

In all cases there’s different artists view in Symfonium, if you browse the Album artist section then you won’t see the compilation artists.

Thank you for your reply.
Your time reaction is very impressive !

I can’t really reproduce the issue because it’s all the time, there is no other behavior…

Christophe Izard is not a compilation, it’s a french show producer.
Even in the “Artiste” view theses artistes are not visibles.

Here is the last log :
debug-20220422_151656.zip (6,7 Ko)

Thank you for all !

I need logs during a sync (Press the filter button then sync with logs enabled) to see what Jellyfin returns).
Something that occurs all the time is the easiest to reproduce :wink:

Sorry :sweat_smile:,

Here is the log :

Ok so the joy of Jellyfin bugged API never ends :slight_smile:

Can you give me an access to your server in private so I try to find a workaround? (The artists not returned when I ask for the artist list)

Yes, many bugs, but a pretty cool free media server !
And they seem to work hard on it !

I can give you a acces to my server, I’m not against it, but I 'm not sure to be able (knowledge, awareness) to do that !!

Do you have access to your server from outside your home ?
If yes you just need to create another account in it.

If no then yes it requires some more complicated setup :frowning:

Eventually if you say that the official client see the artist when browsing by artist, you can send me the Jellyfin logs (in private don’t know if they hide sensitive info or not) after navigating in the app. Maybe I’ll see what they add to the query to have those artist returned.

No, I haven’t got access to server from outside. ( in fact, I don’t think so )

I try to generate a new log from jellyfin, but can’t obtain one for the moment… I don’t know when or why it create new one.

But, all these "invisibles artists " from Symfonium are not reals artists. Even Christophe Izard is a show producer, not a musician, singer, or musical artist. I consider him like an artist ( tag “artist album” set to “Christophe Izard” in each .flac files) as an easy access to musiques related to him.

It’s the same thing for “a tribute to The Cure” album or “The magical of bulgarian voices” : no real album artist to tag, so defined to “Compilations” in order to find it easily.

All these make me thinking it could be related to an ID ( musicbrain ID, or others) not present with these examples ( because not reals artists ) but present with all other artists…

I try to find a way to obtain a jellyfin log or a external acces to my server.

Thank you for all.

If they are not artist how to you browse them in Jellyfin?

You can use tags to tag your music and Symfonium support those, but if they are not artists I wonder how it can properly be handled in the end.

I use the basic way to organise music library for jellyfin or Kodi for example.

Each artist ( real or fake) have got a folder with his name, then a sub-folder for each albums.

Plus, each .mp3 or .flac files is correctly tagged with MusicBrainz-Picard, except for fake artist, hand-tagged with “album artist” tag set by myself.

I rely on local informations only ( folder.jpg, cover.jpg, fanart,…) no infomations from the net.
Jellyfin create an.nfo file from these infos for each artist and album it found.

Jellyfin don’t know if the artist is real or not, it see folders with a name, then sub-folders containing tagged flac or mp3 files.

Ok but they are displayed in the normal artist list so there must be a way :slight_smile:

I’ll need Jellyfin logs to see the request or an access to the server to do more.

Hello !

Just to say to you, a big Thank You !!!

With the latest version (1.4.0B2) it perfectly works ! (maybe fixed before, I haven’t noticed).
“Compilation”, “Classical”, “Christophe Izard”, etc… all my fake artist are visible and reacheable !

Once again, a BIG, BIG Thank You for all your job with Symfonium.