Can't play file error followed by spontaneous track skipping when casting to UpnP

Symfonium on Android 10 Samsung S9 with Plex server, playing to Chromecast. When I press the ‘advance one track’ button in Symfonium, the player sometimes shows the ‘can’t play file’ error and then starts skipping tracks. On occasion, it is able to resume playing after skipping two or three tracks. Once it skipped right to the end of the play list. Any ideas?

I think I need to correct this issue. It seems not to be happening on Chromecast, but on my Kef LS50-2s. Apologies for posting incorrectly. Also the error that accompanies the skip is, ‘Error playing media. Ensure that your player support it’.

What about providing the mandatory logs as the template you removed explains ? :slight_smile:

Sorry for not posting log with original report. (68.4 KB)

Just to recap… I can open Symfonium and connect quickly to the Kef LS 50-2s. I select an album to play and hit play. The first track plays. I hit the >| button to advance one track. Instead of playing the next track, Symfonium flags the ‘Error playing media…’ error and then advances twice or more. Ultimately, it may play the second or third successive track. Problem does not occur on Google Chromecast or local play, just the Kefs. Debug log attached. I am very much still looking for daily music player and Symfonium ticks almost all the boxes… I hope you can help.

Why ? Just why? Can you explain because I genuinely can’t understand.

About the issue it seems your devices have issues with Gapless and you should start by disabling UPnP gapless in the settings.

Disable the option then select the device in player screen.
If still not working I’ll need new logs.

Apologies, Tolriq. I had earlier misreported my issue as, ‘Can’t play file error followed by spontaneous skipping when casting to Chromecast’. I rechecked and found that I am only having the issue with my Kef speakers. Chromecast is working fine. I will now try your suggestion of disabling the UPnP gapless setting. I will post back the results and attach another log if that fix doesn’t work.

I’m asking about why bad rate the application after contacting me?

What does this bad rating brings? Except assaulting me and hurting the project?

Do you think this is a respectful action? Really I just can’t understand why …

My review now deleted. At the same time, my review was accurate (if vague). I downloaded Symfonium with high hopes after experiencing Chromecast issues on Plexamp. Issues with playing to the Kefs included the spontaneous skipping reported earlier and a lack of agreement between the widget and the main player on track progress. The main player’s track progress was freezing, while the widget seemed to show progress correctly. The issues were difficult to pin down and I did not want to spend the time to experiment and document them accurately. Another issue is that Symfonium shows a ‘background processes’ icon in my notification area alongside the normal icon. I wondered if there was something wrong with my installation. I could turn off notifications for that component, but still wondered if I had stopped the pain without healing some underlying problem. Anyway, I am sure you are sick of hearing my complaints.

To make it worse, turning off gapless UPnP playback did not fix my original spontaneous skipping issue. I will send logs soon.

You can hide that notification this is Android requirement for background services. I put all under one so it’s easier to hide the channel.

For the time sync I never heard of anything like that and will need more details.

For the kef new logs will help. UPnP is a shitty protocol with each manufacturer having undocumented differences.

And no I do like complains with logs and details not non actionable bad ratings after (or before) the user contact me :slight_smile:

But BTW why use UPnP as those Kef have Chromecast support?

Chromecast is a much better protocol for casting.

I thought I was using Chromecast. It is the normal cast icon at the top right of Symfonium.

Yes it’s the cast button but Symfonium support other protocols.

Your KEF should have 2 entries in the list one with the cast icon for Chromecast and one with whatever icon KEF put for UPnP.

Prefer the cast one but I’m sure I can fix the other issue with logs and tests.

Wow! There are indeed two entries in the list. One has a little 2-way speaker icon and the other has a Kef logo. Having just checked the debug log, it is now clear to me that the 2-way speaker icon is the Chromecast one. I have indeed been using the UPnP channel until now.

Now I am testing to confirm better operation using Chromecast protocol.

Thanks indeed for this excellent pointer.

I suppose it works OK with Chromecast and no need for the UPnP fixes ? :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to say that I went back to Plexamp. I did buy Symfonium and look forward to seeing how it evolves. I found the right icon to use Chromecast. I needed to go through all the ‘don’t kill my app’ stuff on my S9, but in the end, I still did not feel comfortable using Symfonium. The progress bar froze unpredictably and moved jerkily. There seem to be issues in how the mini-player and the now playing screen work together. I am not sure, but it looked as though Symfonium grabbed my player every now and again even after I had switched to another casting app. I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t savaging my battery life. I was not sure that it did not just stop playing by itself, or if something in the S9 was stopping it. While Plexamp shows both the Chromecast speaker icon and the word ‘chromecast’ under the icon, Symfonium shows only the icon, which I did not recognise as being the chromecast icon. In other words, I lost confidence that it is a rock-solid proposition. My wife does not like it when things don’t ‘just work’. There are so many things to like about Symfonium. I love the large, scrolling track titles which are especially useful with classical music. The overall appearance is very pretty. Honestly, I don’t know how many of these things (apart from the progress bar freezes) are real issues, or just my loss of confidence. Sorry, Tolriq. I wish you well with this project. I really do.

Well you did not provide any logs or details about your freezing issues, and no one ever reported those so not sure how your unique personal issues could be fixed.

There’s no magic in apps, Symfonium have all the necessary logs to fix issues, but there’s no way that I grab those logs without you sending them with necessary information.

Remember that Plex is a multi million dollar company and I’m a single dev, yet all works nearly better in Symfonium, and your ‘issues’ are one fix away if you give the necessary info.

> I am not sure, but it looked as though Symfonium grabbed my player every now and again even after I had switched to another casting app.

No idea what this means.

Actually I suppose your talking about Chromecast and not disconnecting from the player in Symfonium. Will enable back the security for that in next release.

About the Chromecast icon since PlexAmp does not support UPnP they only show one icon, this is not really comparable, but I can easily add a description is the standard Google icons are not clear enough.
Remember that you can press the eye icon to hide the upnp one and have no more doubt about the one to select too.