Cache indicator icon on album view

Would it be possible to implement some sort of icon that displays whether a given album is cached (could have 3 states - uncached when no songs in album are cached; partially cached when some of the songs are cached; and fully cached when all songs in the album are cached)? This would be a useful feature to see at a glance what is currently on the device


Well the thing is that if I had that under an option I won’t have different settings, so it would show an indicator everywhere (songs, albums, artists, genre and everywhere in fact) from tests it was not really looking good :frowning: (Or did not found a way to get it good).

The easy way to know what is offline quickly is to filter for offline [Wiki] How to globally filter displayed data (Media providers, libraries, offline status, ...)

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As a former PowerAmp user I’ve grown very accustomed to being able return to the playlist view where I can see the rest of the songs from that album or artist that are in the playlist. However, because Symfonium also shuffles the list in the up next view I have to resort to opening the artist or album view to accomplish the same thing, but with one caveat. This displays all the artist’s/album’s songs, not the ones in the currently playing playlist.

The filter option is too many button presses for my taste and requires a bit of hand shuffling/two-handing on larger devices since the button is always at the top.

One possible solution for this is OP’s suggested indicator. Maybe a toggle option to replace the track numbers in the album view with some sort of (colored?) dot, shape or icon.
And in OP’s case maybe the same dot, shape or icon can be overlayed on the album art.

Maybe I’m just coming at this from the wrong direction… Perhaps it’s easier to just make the up next view not actually shuffle the list. What do you think?

I do not see the link between your comment and the OP.

About the next up it’s shown as the actual play queue to allow proper queue next / sorting even in shuffle mode.

You can basically ignore the first paragraph of my previous post. I thought it would make things clearer with a bit of explanation/backstory…

My point is that if OP’s feature request is implemented, I’d be fine with the next up view being garbled when shuffle is on. Because when entering the album view it’s clear which songs are cached or not.

The feature is labelled as won’t implemented because the only offline filter is there for that purpose.

How do you start a playback of only available offline media without the filter. Do you just start playback while the provider is offline hopping that Symfonium will do the right thing?

In that case a filter Only playable content that you could always leave enabled would fit all the needs.

I start playback from a playlist synced to the device.

Sorry if I’m not being clear, it’s been a long day. :slight_smile:
Regardless of the offline filter, like OP, I’d be a lot happier being able to distinguish whether a song is cached or not at a glance via a small indicator.

Yes but as explained this can’t be done because

  1. it’s ugly in many places only have the indicator in one place is useless and will trigger more ask to add
    it everywhere.
  2. It would slow down things a lot because as you can imagine the local provider have all it’s file offline cached :wink: So it requires a tons more things to run everywhere to know if the indicator is required or not.

Toggling the offline filter does exactly what you want without any of those issues. This is not a so complicated or hard to change toggle as the filter is accessible from every pages. And this is usually not something you need to do 100 times per day.