Cache all cover images for cached media

Feature description:

The feature would cache cover images for cached media, as opposed to only caching while scrolling or listening. Or caching the libraries images as a whole.
It would be great if it also could include artist images.

Problem solved:

Caching cover images for the whole library is already there, but it may take too many resources when you have a large library.
With this feature you could just just cache the media you want to have on the go without any extra steps.

Brought benefits:

This option would be a nice addition, especially if the users server is only accessible locally and they just want to cache some media and then use Symfonium when they aren’t connected to their media provider anymore.
It would also be good for people who just want to save the data that caching images on mobile data would use up.

Thank you for this excellent app! There is nothing comparable to it.

So this won’t be an option but the normal workflow starting next version as it makes sense.

The downside is that since it’s not an option, it will only apply to future offline caching.

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Thank you for implementing this!