Backup App Incluide App+Data root Required Root Acess Emulator

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(I will not send logs, as it is not a problem but a question) As you can see in the screenshots I did the test on another smartphone it has 64Bits ROM Android 9 As I expected everything went well, unfortunately I will not enjoy it Because VMOS PRO’s Android 9.0 Lite ROM is only available on 64-bit smartphones unless I or someone else compiles this app for Android 7.1. I have 700 Songs in the Music Folder I used Swift Backup as an example to Backup the Synfonium .APK and data (Application Data) If I Restore Only the Synfonium APK I Will Have to Login to My Google Drive Account Again and Wait Synchronization From Scratch (Restoring Data With Root On The Emulator) Now, if I restore the data, everything will come back the way it was when uninstalling the App, including the 700 songs, it is no longer necessary to synchronize again


Upload description: Backup data root Required Emulator Vmos pro

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Until now, Synfonium does not officially offer this possibility, it would be good and better as it does not require Root to make a full backup of Synfonium, including Playlists, which is now supported in the Backup and Restore section in the Root Backup application settings of already synchronized media from providers online like Google drive onedrive and others

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Google Drive