Automatically update filter to "Available Offline"

Feature description:

Please provide a setting to switch filter to “Available Offline” when Wi-Fi is turned off or unavailable and turn off filter once connected to a Wi-Fi

Problem solved:

In my use case, my jellyfin instance is not exposed to internet but i have all favorites saved in my cache. While not on my home wifi network, app shows me all my albums and songs even though I am not connected to my instance. I have to check manually which all songs/albums are available to play

Brought benefits:

Especially when driving this can be very useful as if we filter , users can select from reduced available media than look in to each album or song to find ones available offline.

Other application solutions:

Current solution is to download with Symfonium and have poweramp scan same folder for media and browse content for playback in poweramp or enable auto bluetooth play so it plays local files automatically when connected to my car BT

I use offline cache often. I think airplane mode should force offline mode also.

I concur with this. I would also like to be able to easily filter out and play only offline files. My use case is that when I go running I don’t want to use up my data plan to stream, and instead only play the locally cached files.

I would love to see in a dynamically generated playlist for the offline files so that I can easily just go Offline files -> Play without any further hassle.

Right now it’s extremely cumbersome as it seems that you have to go look at what is in the offline cache and then find the album/songs and play them specifically.

  1. [Wiki] How to globally filter displayed data (Media providers, libraries, offline status, ...)

It’s 2 clicks to be in offline mode …

  1. The feature is labelled as implemented and already listed in 4.0 beta changelog.

  2. You also can already create a smart playlist that contains offlined files [Wiki] Smart filters

So it’s maybe more a take some time to read the doc and understand how the app works and already fit all your needs.

The top filter buttons were hidden for me, maybe I hid them when removing the logo at the top previously, but yes, there I can see the global offline filter.

However when using the smart filters I can’t see any rule that tells me how to filter for anything that resembles offline, the wiki doesn’t help in this regard and needs clarification. I would love to make a smart playlist with offline files only, is the rule to use the Path and File one or…?

It’s visible by default so yes you hide it :wink:

And yes offline filter is finally not in prod release as override by the global filter that applies over it.

But you can make a smart playlist with all songs and apply the global filter and automatically have it toggled in next release too.

And in the end it’s just go offline and play in the song screen so no need for smart playlist :slight_smile: