Automatically Sync Artists

Add Favorite Artists to Sync:

I would like to be able to sync all tracks of favorite artists.

Problem solved:

Currently, syncing works for favorite tracks and albums.

Brought benefits:

Ability to use standard functionality and separate the download from playlist creation

Other application solutions:

Symfonium is the only app I’ve used that provides the sync favorite functionality. To allow this functionality I create a smart playlist with favorite artist, album & track. I then enabled downloads and auto syncing on that playlist

Additional description and context:

The more details the better to understand the need and figure out the best solution.

Will refactor the option to include artists.

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I love you, Lots and lots

As an aside, when are the “favourites” synced?

I have done a manual sync and expected that the Download Queue would start filling with items, but nothing yet.

How does the favourites sync get initiated?

As previously when there’s favorite status change.

But since favorite can be added server side, next version will also start the sync after a provider sync.

I’m not seeing the sync of favourites being initiated after a provider sync. Will raise an issue

Read again :slight_smile:

Oh dear. How embarassing