Automatic Playlist Sync Support for Read/Write Playlists

Saw that this was implemented today. Great! The only obvious problem with it that I have discovered is that it only works reliably if you only add songs from the phone app. Which somewhat defeats the point of such a feature. What I mean is that if you add songs from another client, say on my PC. It wont be immediately updated on my phone, which is a problem if I then add a song from my phone, which will override the song added from my PC client.

It is immediately updated from the server on play or on display if the server is online and returns a last modified value for the playlist.

If it does not return such value, Symfonium throttle the sync to avoid endless repetitive syncs. So if your server does not return the value, and you just displayed it it won’t sync another time before 5 or 15 minutes. You are doing tests so not a real use case.

I’m not sure why my server wouldn’t return such a value if it is supposed to? I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with the server, but I could be wrong.

Anyways, wouldn’t it atleast be a good idea to sync the playlist to the server right before adding a new song though?

Since I can’t guess your server or anything open an issue with logs and necessary details.

Hey, tres bien, I’m looking forward to trying it out.

I have version 5.3.1, and the Google Play store doesn’t show me an available update. It says the “Beta programme is full”, so I guess I have to wait until the feature makes it way into a normal version - or is there a way of getting into the beta programme?

If it’s full you have to wait for a spot but this is strange Play Console says there’s like 150 free spots …

I just tested this with v5.7, and it works perfect (with Navidrome) :smiley:
Therefore, I just bought the app :sunglasses:

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