Auto light/dark mode based on the system theme

Hi, I didn’t find a similar question so let me ask:
Would it be possible to add an automatic light/dark mode based on the system theme for Symfonium?

Feature description:

Auto light/dark mode (like system theme)

Problem solved:

I like to have a light theme during the day and a dark one at night, it would be great if Symfonium could make the transition automatically

Brought benefits:

I think that the automatic theme change would be beneficial for all those who like the light theme during the day and the dark theme at night

Other application solutions:

many applications have this feature like Finamp, Findroid, etc…

Screenshots / Mockup:

Not really useful since symfonium already has these themes, but not automatic :slight_smile:

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This is already the case, just select system default and it will switch with the OS.

Ah ok, weird, I only have 3 options on my phone, dark / black or light…Maybe it’s a limitation of Android 10?
I have the latest version of Symfonium…

Hum yes it was only enabled for Android 12+ will allow support down to Android 10 in next version.

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Ok so I’m not completely crazy :slight_smile:
Thanks, I’m looking forward to it, have a nice day