Auto-cache new songs & Cache all the songs button

Hi devs,

I recently purchased Symfonium and I have to say, it’s awesome! The user interface is even better than Spotify’s. However, I do have a couple of feature requests that I believe will make our lives even better.

Firstly, I would love to have a “Cache all songs” button feature. Since I commute daily using the subway, and the 4G signal there is poor, I want to cache all the songs on my phone to listen to music without interruption. Currently, caching songs by going to each album/song is time-consuming, especially when you have 80+ albums. Having a “Cache all albums/songs” button on the “Manage offline files” or a similar settings screen would be a great help.

Secondly, I would like to request an “Auto-cache new albums/songs” feature. This feature would be convenient to have in the settings, with a toggle to turn it on or off. Similar to the feature in Google Play Music, it would instantly cache new songs/albums added to the list. Even if it’s unable to remove the song from the cache automatically when removed from the server, it wouldn’t be a problem for me.

I hope these feature requests will be considered for future updates to Symfonium. Thank you!

There’s a template to fill :wink: It would be nice to respect it as asked.

Anyway there’s already a setting that you can enable on the host Auto cache that will auto offline cache all your media.

You can also create smart playlists that contains new songs or any criteria you want and enable auto cache on them too.

Everything is covered in the Wiki.

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