Audiobooks not showing up under files view

I have three audio libraries in Emby. Two are music and the other is audiobooks. For the life of me I can’t get the audiobooks to show up in “files” view.

I can see them under “album”, “artist” etc. But they are not tagged properly and sorted for that. I just want to view the folders. Anything I can do here? Here is what I am seeing in the screens. The app clearly sees the library but won’t show it.

I can only upload one image so here is an imgur album of what I’m seeing. (1002 Bytes)

Not sure what I am supposed to do but I tried resyncing and then tried to access the folder again. Let me know what else I can do please.

This log is nearly empty. Are you sure you reproduced with logs on and sent the proper file?

You maybe double clicked on the debug mode. See the manage files to access previous logs.

Sorry hopefully this helps.

Thanks the log have the necessary info, will look why when back home.

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It showed up. I had done a couple restarts on my Emby server for various reasons. And the phone. Not sure why but it’s there now. Thanks for helping and for the great app.