Audiobooks being recognized as Albums

I often get mp3s of audiobooks and store them on my emby server. They can range from one large file to small individual chapters. Currently in the app they are recognized under the audiobook genre however are still treated as songs/albums. Apart from me just being dumb and not seeing what I’m doing wrong would there be a way to mark a library from emby as an “audiobook” library? Perhaps a toggle to turn albums into audiobooks, because currently i can’t get any to maintain playback location when switching.

Usually you have them separated in different libraries at the media provider side.

You just use the Symfonik libary filtering to switch what you want to see at any time.


For the resume point they should be kept always. (You need to listen at least 10 seconds and if listened more than 96% then it’s marked played).
There’s then a resume button in the album view.

If not then I’ll need logs and more details.