App keeps freezing / dying during playback

Issue description:

The app keeps freezing / dying on me. Sometimes it stops in the middle of playing a song, sometimes it finishes a song but the next one doesn’t start, the app becomes unresponsive. I have to force quit the app via the Android settings to get it started again. Sometimes after just waiting a long time the app seems to recover by itself.


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Additional information:

I am using the latest Ampache version (6.4.0).

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The logs does not really show what is happening. Try to run the cleanup internal state in advanced settings or reinstall the app.

And be sure to apply

Okay, I will try the cleanup. Don’t kill my app is applied.
If I have to reinstall: Will I be able to keep the database? Or will I have to go through the whole downloading the offline cache again?

If you reinstall you need to download again yes :frowning:

I understand.
Would you consider adding the possibility to export the database along with the other personal data like settings etc. in the future?

There’s already backup of settings and a few things, but offline cache can’t be backuped as it can be tons of GB.

I know! What I meant was just the database containing the references to the offline cache files.
My theory was that if I could have a backup of the database, uninstall Symfony without deleting the offline cache, after reinstalling Symfony I could import the database (just as the settings) into Symfony and simply use the offline cache files still on my device.

You can’t uninstall and keep the files it’s how Android works.

If you could Symfonium is smart enough to reconnect the files .

Oh, damn. I didn’t think that far. :person_facepalming:

The cleanup seems to have done the trick. Thanks!