Android Auto: missing functions

Comparing the functions of Yatse with those of Symfonium I notice that the possibility to disable thumbnails is missing and the artist-album list step is absent.
Also, in my opinion, there should be the possibility to remove the thumbnails in all sections as most of them are not loaded (I am referring to Plex, in any case better a complete list than an often dull graphic).

I also find it strange to have to resume the paused track in the ‘recently played’ list: this behaviour is not apparent in other players but is bearable.


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Images should be loaded, if there’s some missing provide logs and open an issue.

Not sure what you mean about artist/album step missing, there’s the same features as in Yatse.

For the last part, not sure the translation worked. But yes by default the last played do resume the album as it’s best default behavior to continue audio book that Symfonium fully embrace.

Yatse behaviour:
-All artists
-Artist name
-All albums
Album list in alphabetical order

Symfonium behaviour
-All Artists
-Artist name
-Start a random track of the artist

Ok so when not enough artist to trigger the split there as a small difference. Next time provide the mandatory logs so that everyone gain time please.