Allow play/ play next on a folder

Feature description:

When browsing the file tree, I can tap the three dots on folders and click play/ play next. Then, Symfonium will simply create/ add all of the media files in the folder recursively to my play queue.

Problem solved:

I organize my media by folders, including both music and music videos. I often like to go folder by folder and add them to a big play queue that I can run endlessly.

Brought benefits:

For anyone who organizes their media and like to navigate their media by filepath, this feature is a godsent.

Other application solutions:

The feature is straightforward. Right now tapping play/ play next on folders will create an error message that Symfonium cannot play the media.

Additional description and context:

Screenshots / Mockup:

This should work but only with 1 level recursivity to avoid endless network requests.

Provide logs.