Albums sorted by Display Artist seemingly not using the "use ascii sort" option

I’ve just noticed that if I sort my albums by “Display Artist” it seems to be doing a case sensitive sort.

The option under Library Settings for “Use ascii sort” is enabled, and the comment under it says “sort ignore case but do not respect Unicode”, so I guess it could be a unicode issue (indeed the top artist does start with an accented character). However, some of the artists appearing before Z (when sorted descending) are “twenty one pilots” (with a lower case t), “magne f”, “autokratz” and “a-ha”, so I’m not sure that could be it.

I’m assuming “Display Artist” means “as shown in the list” so I can indeed see the very thing it’s sorting on.

19 albums out of 3328 are appearing before Z, 3 starting with the accented character, 9 are “a-ha” and the rest of the 19 are a mixture.

The media source is Emby. If I do the ‘same’ thing in Emby, there’s nothing before the Zs, though I realise you must be doing your own independent sort.

OTOH, if I look in Symfonium at “Album artists”, that sorts how I’d expect.

Is it possible the option isn’t applying to “Display Artist” in the albums list? Toggling it off seems to make no difference for sorting by Display Artist.


There’s no display title sorting. I’m assuming you are talking about display artist ? It might be a wrong translation what language are you using ?

Oops, the language I’m using is “Idiot”, sorry.

I meant “Display Artist” - no idea why I put “Display Title”!

(I’ve hopefully corrected all instances in the original post)

Ok thanks, so yes the option was not applied to those, will be fixed in next release.

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