Add to offline cache not working (60.0 KB)

Issue description:

I added music to my Plex library. The new albums show up in “recently added”, but when I add them to offline cache, nothing happens. Download queue is empty and nothing downloads.

Logs does not show attempt to offline cache how to you start it.

And what have you configured, seems there’s ultra large playlist or auto sync running too.

From some of your previous comment, you should now auto sync a playlist that contains all your music it’s useless, just create a smart playlist if you need to.

I click on the album ellipsis button then click on Add to offline cache. Message says starting download, then disappears.
I tried syncing to my media provider when offline cache didn’t work, which may have been still running when I started debug, but is complete now.

Don’t understand “it’s useless” , just create a smart playlist comment?

The “All” playlist I created in Plex and imported of 18600 songs did complete offline cache on Friday [after 5 days].
But it seems I can’t add any new items.

You do not need to import a playlist that contains all the songs it’s just slow and does not provide anything. Specially if in read-only mode so sync each time.

If you want to offline cache all your media edit the host and check the option for that. It’s the proper efficient way.

The wiki present on this site explains how to use the app and most features.

Thanks, I read the wikis and already enabled the host settings: Wifi only, Full sync and automatic media offline cache.
My problem is it didn’t do anything.
That’s why I set the All playlist to offline cache.
It still isn’t doing anything now.
It doesn’t cache new media added on media provider, and there’s nothing in the download queue.
Is there a way to reset?
I don’t really want to remove the 168GB it took 5 days to cache if it’s going to have to do that all over again.

You are doing way too much things at the same time, this amount of data takes times to sync and validate and find the missing pieces specially on slow sdcard.

Remove the All playlist from Symfonium that takes age to sync and block all future actions until it’s done.
Full sync is needed only if you want the moods and styles. If you do not need those do not check as it’s a lot slower with large library. (I would suggest that in all cases you do not enable the option until all is settled then enable it after).

Since you do not seem patient you probably have a million thing in queue. So after playlists removal and uncheck the full sync force kill the app then start it again. Press sync to start a sync and wait until it’s done. When it’s finished the download will start, but seeing the state of the app it will take a long time to first auto cleanup before starting the actual downloads.