Add Second Option to Show Track Number Option

Feature description:

Not a huge request here and I am also not sure if it can even be done but I have, and used, this option in other apps.

I was wondering if there can be an additional option added to the “Show Track Number” that only shows tracks when albums are played but not displayed if a playlist is played. Track number is useful when the album is played, but if I am playing a playlist or some custom shuffled mix the track number is not needed.

Problem solved:

It doesn’t solve any actual issue but it is nicer to have the information presented be more relevant and aligned with what you are playing.

Brought benefits:

I wouldn’t say its much of a benefit as it is quality of life feature? Its not a make or break option but its a nice to have.

Additional description and context:

If it is doable then it would most likely change the option “Show track number” in settings under interface to a multi option drop down to reflect the added functionality.

Unfortunately not that easy to properly handle all cases properly.

Like a playlist / mix of albums should still show the track number since it’s playing albums in order. And quite a few other cases.