Add restore backup button in source media screen

Feature description:

When reinstalling the app on the same phone or in another phone, the first thing we have to do is to select a media source, however, if we already have a back up file where all settings are ready to be used, we should be able to select that back up file directly from that screen, saving time setting up the whole app again the way we like it, including the source of media files.

Brought benefits:

It will allow to start using the app right away by using a back up file where every single setting is already set so we don’t have to spend time doing that again.

Additional description and context:

To add a button along the other options in the below screenshot so we can select the back up file we want to use to restore the whole app settings.

Screenshots / Mockup:

The button is there a bottom left if you have a valid license.

I have a valid license.

I don’t see that button anywhere…

Can you please tell me if it’s a bug the reason why I don’t see the button?

I purchased the app yesterday so I should be able to see it, I already reset the app and even uninstall it and reinstall it, I don’t see that button anywhere.

Can you please fix this?

In this new screen the back up option is still missing, it should be a third one: