Add option to ignore stop commands send by AA or Bluetooth cars

Issue description:

After connecting my phone via Bluetooth to my car, I tap “Shuffle” to play a playlist. After playing some songs, I turn my car off (and so does Bluetooth), and instead of the music being paused, the playback is being stopped. This means that when I want to continue listening the shuffled queue, I need to press “Resume” (I expect it to be called “Resume”, as I use the app in Dutch and it’s called “Herstel” for me). When I press that, instead of just continuing to play my queue, it rearranges the queue and so starts playing songs that already have been played.

This does not happen to all bluetooth devices. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (Android 12) with battery optimizations turned off. Music files are .m4a, .flac and .mp3 files. I’m using version 1.5.0 (634).

Logs + screenshots:

I put the logs + screenshots over here: HiDrive

Uploading didn’t work for me. The image called before.png is after pressing shuffle, the image called after.png is after pressing “Herstel”. As you can see, the queue is different.

Well this is expected here.

2022-07-28 19:52:42.624 Verbose/MediaSessionCallback: onMediaButton: android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON - KeyEvent { action=ACTION_DOWN, keyCode=KEYCODE_MEDIA_STOP, scanCode=0, metaState=0, flags=0x0, repeatCount=0, eventTime=0, downTime=0, deviceId=-1, source=0x0, displayId=0 }
2022-07-28 19:52:42.625 Verbose/MediaSessionCallback: onStop

Your device sends a stop command so Symfonium does obey it.

Resume does resume the actual playlist in no random order, so will start the media is a different order than if you played it previously in random.

What I can do is add an option to ignore remote stop commands and treat them as pause, it might be useful in the future if Symfonium does full state saving.

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Thank you for the reply, I didn’t know that this behavior was intentional, but now it makes sense. I would be great if you could add an option to ignore the remote stop commands.