A seperate cache setting for internet radios

Feature description:

A separate prebuffer of 1,2,3,5,10,20 seconds (for example) for internet radio stations (seperate from the playback cache) that is deleted when the the source is changed.

Problem solved:

I have symfonium set up to autoplay on my bluetooth speaker in the kitchen.
I have a 1GB playback cache so iffy network connection does not interrupt the music in my car.
I might listen to the 6 o’clock news in the evening on BBC Radio 4 when I’m cooking the tea. Then not use symfonium for the rest of the day.
When I turn the kitchen speaker on in the morning it plays from the cache and I hear yesterday’s news.

Brought benefits:

I am able to keep the playback cache for my car when listening to music on my emby server.
I don’t hear live radio I’ve already listened to.

Other application solutions:

Most pure internet radio apps do this for example VRadio

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


The playback cache is not used for radios.

It’s just the normal small cache that is kept if the app is not killed in the background.

I guess the need is more to detect that a radio was paused more than X minutes and so the play should restart the stream and not resume it.

Yes, that would do it. Thanks